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  1. how unemployment rate hiring process hireclick

    How Does The Unemployment Rate Affect the Hiring Process?

    How hiring changes with changing unemployment rates Understanding how the unemployment rate affects hiring is necessary to achieving desired results with your recruitment efforts. While unemployment affects your recruitment strategy, it is important to remember that most job searches’ goal is to hire 1 qualified jobseeker, not 100.  In times of very low unemployment, paying attention…

  2. how to write job advertisement hireclick

    How to Write the Perfect Job Advertisement

    Learn how a well-written job advertisement can lead to better job candidates If you’ve ever looked for a new job, you can probably attest to how important the job description is. After all, the job description is typically a potential employee’s first interaction with your company. A bad description could mean that that candidate may…

  3. hireclick all in one hiring

    HIRECLICK Introduces All-In-One Hiring System

    HIRECLICK, an applicant management system provider, introduces its all-in-one hiring solution to help small to mid-sized employers find and hire new workers in this historically challenging hiring environment. “We supply your company with a mobile-friendly Careers Site that houses all your jobs in one location. These job posts are spread out to all our local, regional,…

  4. blog banner 1

    How Building an Authentic Brand Can Benefit Your Hiring Practices

    Authenticity- The Key To Building Trust in Your Brand As An Employer Consumers have always been a picky bunch, but these days, they are even pickier. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, the past decade has seen a particularly severe deterioration of trust between consumers and businesses. The past two years have particularly hurt…

  5. hireclick 3 ways market hiring needs

    3 Cheap And Easy Ways To Market Your Hiring Needs

    Three cheap and easy ways to promote your business’ hiring needs while using your current business footprint. Every day, we hear from clients that hiring is a top priority among businesses today. We are always perplexed when we also can’t help but notice that most companies neglect to leverage their full business footprint to drive hiring…

  6. how to generage better candidates hireclick hero

    Why Adding Compensation To Your Job Listing Ads Generates Better Candidates

    An easy way to get better candidates for your open positions. When looking for a new job, what’s the thing that drives you to apply? Is it the location, the salary, the benefits, an easy commute, or maybe something else? Well, for most candidates, the answer is simple—the salary. In a recent Glassdoor study, 67% of…

  7. hireclick create a mobile friendly site

    Create a Mobile-Friendly Careers Site with Hireclick!

  8. Hireclick Social Media Integration

    Integrate Your Social Media with Hireclick!

  9. Benefits of using Hireclick

    The Benefits of Using Hireclick for Your Business

  10. hire better with hireclick hiring solutions hero

    Hire Better with Hireclick

    As a small business just like most of our clients, we built HIRECLICK to be a software that we would like to purchase for our business. We’ve removed all typical barriers such as long-term contracts, ugly activation fees, and so forth. HIRECLICK will always make it easy for you to get started, including: No long-term…


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