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How Building an Authentic Brand Can Benefit Your Hiring Practices

Authenticity- The Key To Building Trust in Your Brand As An Employer

Consumers have always been a picky bunch, but these days, they are even pickier. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, the past decade has seen a particularly severe deterioration of trust between consumers and businesses. The past two years have particularly hurt the relationship between the two because of Covid-19, the global misinformation crisis, and human rights epidemics across the globe. This deterioration means that consumers (jobseekers) are less likely to commit to companies that don’t value trust, equality, honesty, and most of all, authenticity.

Authenticity is difficult to define; each of us views it differently. Many would say that they “know it when they see it.” Apart from that sentiment, we can’t emphasize enough how important authenticity is if you want to attract top-shelf employees and endearment from the public.

Let’s talk about some ways to build authenticity so that you can better attract candidates to fill open positions at your company.

Show The Ways Your Company Affects Your Customers’ Well Being

Today’s job seekers want to know how their role and their company help others. In your communication with jobseekers, be diligent in illustrating the improvement that you seek to provide to your customers.

A Dentist?

“A person came in for a cavity filling and had no pain whatsoever.”

A sports store?

“We sell equipment that makes people healthier and happier.” 

A plumbing company?

“They’ll never have to worry about a broken pipe again.”

If you haven’t done so already, sit down and think about how your company makes a difference in your customers’ lives. Once you’ve done that, sit down and think of ways to market that to potential employees. The suitable candidates will want to hear about specific times you’ve made a difference. 

Be Real

Authenticity beckons realness. Customers and potential employees don’t want to buy from or work for a company that constantly puts up a facade. The reality is that every company will have both positive and negative experiences with employees and customers. It’s not all sunshine and roses, so don’t act like it is.

When talking with potential candidates, talk about the struggles that your company is having internally and externally. Be real!

An example

If you’re posting a new position on a job board or online, be persuasive, but realistic. Tell the candidate exactly what they will be doing, good and bad, and make sure to use descriptive language. The last thing you want is to attract a good candidate who eventually leaves your company because they are doing things they didn’t expect or want to do. By being real, you can attract candidates that will want to work for you and do the job that you’re requesting.

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