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3 Cheap And Easy Ways To Market Your Hiring Needs

Three cheap and easy ways to promote your business’ hiring needs while using your current business footprint.
Every day, we hear from clients that hiring is a top priority among businesses today. We are always perplexed when we also can’t help but notice that most companies neglect to leverage their full business footprint to drive hiring results.
To maximize their hiring message, employers need to look beyond job board placement with additional tactics. Here are three inexpensive or FREE  methods to immediately implement in your hiring strategy. 

Ask your employees to repost job openings on their personal social media networks

The most powerful networking tool in your business is your employees. Your employees have connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and in real life!  
How to utilize them 
Create a post on social media that details the position you need to be filled. 
Once the post is live, send it to your employees and ask them to repost or share it with their followers on social media. Offer something in exchange for their service, like a $10 gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. A reward will go a long way. You’ll be surprised how many employees want to help out and how many applications their posts will muster up. 

Create signage for your business and use a QR code to link to your career site.

Although traditional ads are a very effective way to advertise your business’ hiring needs, they can also be expensive and compete head to head with other similar positions from competitors.
Simply create inexpensive signs in your office, store windows, or outside your office parking lot. This method is very effective because it’s a direct way to target candidates that already love your company (your customers and business visitors). This method also reinforces your hiring needs with current employees and helps them remember to promote your company hiring in their personal circles!
The keys to making this work → Include a QR code that links to your career site so that candidates can scan it while in the car or while they walk into your office or store (we recommend this free generator). This generates valuable visits to your careers site, where you are not competing with other employers for the jobseeker’s attention.

Add a "We're Hiring" line on your company's email signature.

Every business uses email… on average, office workers send north of 40 per day, every day!  It represents your business’s largest reach opportunity and is one of the most potent tools to market your company’s hiring message.
What you’ll need:
A business email, a signature, and a call to action at the bottom of your signature with a hyperlink to your career site. 
An example:
Get creative! Play around with the copy to catch the attention of people that you’re emailing. Highlight one of your company’s best attributes and hope it catches their eye.
  • Want to join the world’s best team? You’re in luck! Join our team. 
  • We’re industry-leading, award-winning, and fun. Apply today.
  • You can wear sweatpants to the office. Now that’s a perk. Join us!
  • Our employees are our favorite people, why not become one? Apply here.
The best thing about all of these methods? They’re basically free so you can try them with almost no risk! We hope you enjoy these methods and would love to show you how you can use your HIRECLICK account to maximize their effectiveness.

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