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Hire Better with Hireclick

As a small business just like most of our clients, we built HIRECLICK to be a software that we would like to purchase for our business. We’ve removed all typical barriers such as long-term contracts, ugly activation fees, and so forth.

HIRECLICK will always make it easy for you to get started, including:

  • No long-term contracts
  • No activation fees
  • Same-day activation
  • A way to get immediate results
  • Flexible terms for our small and midsize business clients

HIRECLICK is an all-in-one hiring platform that lets employers easily distribute jobs, manage job applications, and streamline necessary hiring activities. With every HIRECLICK activation, we create a mobile-friendly careers website and streamlined application page, which results in more and better job candidates for each and every job.

As consumers of software, we love the concept of “all inclusive”. Therefore, we built HIRECLICK to allow unlimited job postings, unlimited users, and unlimited candidate storage. Upon activation, you get a username and password, which allows immediate access to an employer dashboard. This serves as your hiring control panel, allowing you to easily manage all of your job listings and all of the job applications for those listings. You can view rate and sort candidates, share with coworkers, and even use bulk emailing tools to reach out and request interviews.

Last and most importantly, HIRECLICK is a full-service hiring solution. Our team of hiring experts are here to strategize your hiring plan and provide best practices for you to get the maximum value for your HIRECLICK account.

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